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$68 MillionLargest Jury Verdict in Fresno County history for failure to comply with hospital standards for patient safety, leaving elderly man in permanent coma. Jury also awarded punitive damages.
$5.5 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose acute blood loss after cancer surgery resulting in brain damage to physician
$7 MillionPlus Settlement: Negligent performance of intubation post-operatively, resulting in severe brain damage to minor child.
$10.8 MillionConfidential settlement for an adult who suffered catastrophic injury from a stroke
$22 MillionRobyn Frankel vs. Palo Alto Medical Foundation GroupJury verdict for paralysis caused to patient after an unnecessary procedure.
$4.25 MillionSettlement for failure to quickly respond to a minor plaintiff’s hyperthermia after surgery resulting in catastrophic injuries including brain damage
$4 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose fetal distress resulting in minor plaintiff suffering from severe static encephalopathy
$5.5 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose and treat kernicterus resulting in severe brain damage of child

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Questions Reduce Risk During Office Medical Procedures

Office medical procedures are becoming increasingly common as they can cost thousands of dollars less than typical surgeries. While it may save money to have your operation performed in a doctor’s office, our attorneys would like to warn you of some concerns you should have clarified prior to your operation.

You should ask questions. Becoming more familiar with the process can help you reduce anxiety that in turn may reduce your risks. Our attorneys found that it is important to ask questions surrounding any anesthesia operations that your doctor may perform. Anesthesia can be an extremely helpful tool. However, it can also be quite dangerous. The late comedian, Joan Rivers, died from complications surrounding improper anesthesia that caused her vocal cords to swell. To avoid these complications, you should always make certain that your doctor has a license to practice anesthesia. You should also ask how your vital signs will be monitored during your procedure. Many doctors will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs to ensure that you are stable throughout any procedure.

Unfortunately, being cautious is not a guarantee, and medical malpractice tragedies do happen. If you or a loved one suffered from injury or death caused by medical malpractice, please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at the Mitchell Leeds, LLP. Call us today at 877-637-1045 to speak with our qualified and trustworthy legal representatives.

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"In over 25 years of practice on the defense side of malpractice cases, Jeff Mitchell is the attorney I fear most. He takes very good cases. Jeff has the medicine and the applicable literature down cold. He is without a doubt the best cross-examiner I have ever seen. I have paid his clients a lot of money over the years."
- John M.

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