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$68 MillionLargest Jury Verdict in Fresno County history for failure to comply with hospital standards for patient safety, leaving elderly man in permanent coma. Jury also awarded punitive damages.
$5.5 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose acute blood loss after cancer surgery resulting in brain damage to physician
$7 MillionPlus Settlement: Negligent performance of intubation post-operatively, resulting in severe brain damage to minor child.
$10.8 MillionConfidential settlement for an adult who suffered catastrophic injury from a stroke
$22 MillionRobyn Frankel vs. Palo Alto Medical Foundation GroupJury verdict for paralysis caused to patient after an unnecessary procedure.
$4.25 MillionSettlement for failure to quickly respond to a minor plaintiff’s hyperthermia after surgery resulting in catastrophic injuries including brain damage
$4 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose fetal distress resulting in minor plaintiff suffering from severe static encephalopathy
$5.5 MillionSettlement for failure to diagnose and treat kernicterus resulting in severe brain damage of child

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Category: Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Signs You Can Not Ignore

If a person suffers an injury or dies after undergoing medical treatment, is that a sign of medical malpractice? Sometimes, it is difficult to truly know if your injuries are the result of medical malpractice. After all, sometimes bad things happen when receiving medical care. For example, an infection acquired after an operation could be [ Read More ]

Medical Malpractice and Mistakes: When Kidney Dialysis Errors Turn Disastrous

Across the United States, nearly 350,000 men and women are being treated for kidney failure. Of these people, more than 240,000 are dialysis patients. A dialysis treatment essentially acts as an artificial kidney, which cleans toxins, waste, and water from your bloodstream. This ultimately keeps your chemical levels balanced and your body functioning as normally [ Read More ]

Five of the Worst Medical Mistakes During Surgery

Medical mistakes affect an estimated 251,000 to 440,000 US patients each year. Surgical errors are a type of medical mistake that may cause irreversible harm, severe pain or death to patients. For instance, there was a recent story about a Florida woman who suffered severe pain for years due to a surgical error. She discovered [ Read More ]

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Is Medical Malpractice Really a Leading Cause of Death?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists the most common causes of death every year in the United States. Its information is taken from death certificates that are completed by doctors, funeral directors, medical directors and coroners, but that information fails to take medical malpractice into account as a cause of death. The [ Read More ]

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Is Overtreatment Considered Medical Malpractice?

According to the National Cancer Institute, overtreatment is the treatment of a cancer (or any other health problem or disorder) that would have been asymptomatic or gone away on its own. Overtreatment can include unnecessary tests, screenings and treatments. Recent studies have discussed “overtreatment” in detail. A study in PLOS One reviewed what physicians believe [ Read More ]

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"In over 25 years of practice on the defense side of malpractice cases, Jeff Mitchell is the attorney I fear most. He takes very good cases. Jeff has the medicine and the applicable literature down cold. He is without a doubt the best cross-examiner I have ever seen. I have paid his clients a lot of money over the years."
- John M.
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